The Gate

August 2, 2017

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Every day she gets up early and snuggles her three children (whom she's adopted as a single parent), makes breakfast, gets two kids off to school via moto, and then heads, with her baby in tow, to the clinic that shares the same concrete yard as her small, tidy house.


She speaks with the staff and then checks on the children fighting to survive in the malnutrition clinic. Every day in Haiti children die from lack of food. Did Woodley sleep through the night, has Prisca's fever resolved or will they need a trip down to Port au prince today, has the swelling from kwasikor edema gone down in the newly admitted two year old who weighs 9 pounds?


She'll need to send emails out today to raise money for more supplies and how will she ever tell the parents carrying their dying children to her gate that the clinic is full? So, some days they just make room and stretch the budget.


As the hot sun begins to lower over the mountains, she walks back across the yard to make dinner for her little family. She closes the newly constructed interior gate to her private, tiny, fenced yard. She had the fence built after learning to set clearer personal boundaries at Breathe Retreat last May because tomorrow will be the same as today and she needs to fill her cup up. She needs to live well to serve well because tomorrow there will be another parent carrying their starving child to her gate.



Dear friends - we need your help as we help missionaries and expats take good care of themselves! We need a photographer, a trauma informed yoga instructor, and three more people to work with kids for our Breathe Retreat team to Haiti November 4-12. Come help us care for those, like Rhyan, who serve with their lives in Haiti.  Contact Tamara to learn more.


You can donate to our scholarship fund for missionaries needing help to attend Breathe via our donate page.




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