When people think of 'orphans' they think of children whose parents are deceased.

When people think of trauma in Haiti they most often think of PTSD or

event trauma such as the earthquake, a hurricane, or political injustices.

However, the most pervasive, life altering trauma is

developmental trauma - the lack of consistent, reliable, loving attachment.

Growing up without a loving family profoundly harms a child’s development and

their ability to have secure, healthy relationships to people, work, and meaning. It leaves children vulnerable to abuse, developmental delay, and illness. 

In addition, children in orphanages are at a greater risk of labor or sexual trafficking.

Even in the most resourced institution -

what children want most is a permanent, loving family of their own.

80% of the children in Haiti, known to be living in orphanages,

have one or both living parents and/or extended family.

They've been victimized by a material poverty narrative.

Most meant well. But, when we know better...we can then do better.

Our Family Preservation Symposium offers collaborative, educational, and inspiring opportunities for faith-based leaders and ngo's to explore

trauma prevention through the preservation and integrity of family.  

The Family Preservation Symposium explores:

A family-centric assessment to prevent abandonment of a child.

New modalities of supporting a family through crisis.

Family readiness and reunification for children in institutions.

Transitional care and foster families.

Education and advocacy for family preservation in at-risk communities.

Board of Directors, donor, and property paradigm shift to family preservation.

Adherance and partnering with child protective services and law.

 Identifying organizational policy shifts to preserve families and reduce trauma.

Networking, encouragement, and accountability.

Let’s change the narrative of child and family crisis in Haiti.

Let's prevent the pervasive suffering of developmental trauma. 

Kite a fè pi byen, ansanm! Let's do better, together!

Our first Family Preservation Symposium was held on September 29, 2017 in Port au Prince, Haiti.  Read about the results here.