Each year our Breathe Retreat offers a chance for those living and serving in Haiti to step away and unplug for a few days by the sea. While at Breathe, they learn about primary and secondary trauma, self-care as a discipline, raising children cross-culturally, connecting in marriage and friendship, and the joyful need for fun and relaxation! Our guests reconnect to their heart for their work and return home with a care plan for true sustainability.

Do you work hard serving the people of Haiti? Like any driven, hard worker, you face stress and burn-out. But beyond that, the work you do includes seemingly endless need, the absence of mental health services, the challenges of a second culture, financial pressures, complex problems in marriage and parenting, primary and secondary trauma and a genuine psychological and physical risk called ~ compassion fatigue. 

Breathe Retreats are all-inclusive and  held @ Decameron Resort in Montrouis, Haiti.

It's not a vacation, though you will feel rested! It is part education, spiritual renewal, group, individual & couples counseling plus lots of fun and best of all - your room has AC!

The point is this, if you burn out, how will you recover and what vulnerability does that create for your family and your work? Who will meet the needs you are meeting? If you don't tend to your own well-being, will you be as effective? This is not your typical retreat or conference where you are busy from 8-5 and go home exhausted. Breathe Retreats offer spacious time, rare resources, and aim to send you home recharged and with a plan to thrive instead of merely surviving. 

Join us and become Breathe Brave!

Interested in joining a Breathe Retreat Team to Haiti? Just click on our 'Go' page under 'More' at the top. We need professional counselors, Kid Club leaders, hospitality and pampering professionals. Go to Haiti with us!