These children. Hidden. Invisible. No light in their eyes. 
No smile on their face.
No toys, no books, no color, no water, no food, no family to know and protect and care.

The government is unaware that most exist. 
There is no hotline in Haiti.

 We are going to do something. That something is called Ann Kenbe Fanmi - Yes to Family!

Starting in 2018 we are going into 6 of these off the grid orphanages with plans to

expand to 200. We will start slow by training the staff and developing relationship with the children's family. (Yes, 80% of kids in orphanages have one, even two living parents plus extended family) Our hope is to increase family involvement while simultaneously restoring the children's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. We need the children and family members to heal so that when children reunite with family - it will work and they can attach again.

Will you join us? We need to raise $4,800 a month. Donate here.

Please donate. Sponsor one orphanage transition a year for $8000. Sponsor a Haitian social worker/psychologists salary @ $360 a month. Sponsor our family meals @ $75 a month. Sponsor the hiring of a Gran Moun 'Grandparent' for $30/month.

Please give generously. A month out and I am still haunted by these silent children. Now that we know...we must act. We cannot wait for the government to have the capacity to address the need of 35,000 orphanages in a country the size of Maine.

Please join us.  They simply do not have life enough to wait.